Harpy Eagle (Águila harpía)

The Harpy eagle is another Bolivian bird in danger of extinction. The average size of the female Harpy Eagle are 100 cm long, 200 cm wingspan and weight of 9 kg. Male has smaller dimensions. Notable and black pompadour erectile divided; cap ashen back and chest blackish, white ventral part; wide tail barred black and white very thick legs. Its plumage is gray in the head black on the back, upper wings and chest, and white on the underside of the wings and abdomen. The tail is black with three gray bands. They have an erectile crest of feathers on its head. It has a strong beak and claws that can reach 15 cm in length. They can live even 40 years. It is the most powerful eagle, very agile for hunting in flight. Day, usually solitary usually observes in flight or perched on the upper strata of the forest.

Águila harpía



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